Forgotten Tunes 02 – Bittersweet by BHTTM

Here is another song I remember from my college days. This song I first heard in the dorms at Stetson University in Deland, Florida. Such an awesome band from Colorado. Big Head Todd and The Monsters performed this version live at Red Rocks in 2008. For a live take, this is awesome. Something to note for newer guitar players… Todd uses a guitar technique called “volume swells” during the solo at 4:44 and keeps it up for a little bit. It kind of sounds like a violin to me a little. This can add a nice enhancement to your playing if done properly. He does it so well during this performance, so great in my eyes! Check out this live version of “It’s Alright”… click HERE.

There are so many bands and songs out there that I’ve forgotten about. I know I’ll come across some great stuff and share it here. I definitely try to get them out much sooner than later!