Forgotten Tunes 01 – Misery by Soul Asylum

Misery by Soul Asylum

Misery – Soul Asylum

I was listening to Youtube while I was brainstorming about what I could/should post next and this started to play, such an awesome song! I really love to reminisce about songs I remember growing up. Being a musician, I like discovering tunes that rock! I’ll never forget when this song came out… I was floored when I first heard it.

It’s such a well written song with great lyrics and chords! I’ve always liked the way Dave Pirner writes. One of my favorite parts is the build up to the bridge and chorus at 31 seconds. So powerful and that simple riff behind the rhythm guitar, just does it for me in this song! They definitely have some other great ones. I’ll be posting more of these hopefully reminding people of past songs that they may have forgotten!