Full Guitar Arpeggio Workout: Amazing Fingers

Try doing this full guitar arpeggio workout every day to keep your fingers in shape! With this exercise you will focus on all the essential chord qualities and play through all of the keys. Use these arpeggios on other chords and bring out different characteristics. Improve your guitar technique and use these arpeggio runs when improvising and soloing. It’s beneficial to add this warmup to your daily practice regiment when learning guitar.

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Who Is Robbie Barnby

This video is courtesy of Robbie Barnby. He creates guitar tutorial videos for anyone looking to improve their ability to improvise and add to their knowledge of music. Originally from California, Robbie’s guitar journey began in Paris. He studied with the finest musicians and music educators after moving to London. He has worn many hats while working as a professional musician. His credits include working as a session musician, performing at some of the most prestigious venues in London, and working as a member in differing musical theatre pit bands.

He is dedicated to his instrument and is a sought after guitarist. His passion for music shows along with his journey of becoming a music educator. Robbie is a professional known for his dedication, reliability and guitar skills. He maintains his own website, which can be visited by clicking HERE. Visit his Youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/@RobbieBarnby.

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Contents of Video

00:00 – Intro
01:05 – The Exercise: Major 7
02:16 – In All Keys
03:21 – Minor 7
04:23 – Why long exercises are great
04:46 – The Other Chord Qualities
04:57 – Minor Major 7
05:22 – Major 7 #5
05:54 – Minor 7 b5
06:12 – Dominant 7
06:23 – Dominant 7 b5
06:36 – Dominant 7 #5
06:46 – Dominant 7 sus4
06:56 – Dominant 7 sus4 b5
07:09 – Diminished Major 7
07:50 – Diminished 7 (Fully Diminished)
08:00 – Using These Arpeggios For Other Sounds
09:02 – Chromatic Arpeggio Exercise
10:08 – Outro