Missing Eddie Van Halen

Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

It’s been over a year since Eddie Van Halen passed away, and the music world is still feeling the loss. Eddie was not only a guitar virtuoso, he was also a songwriter and producer who helped shape the sound of rock ‘n’ roll. As a member of Van Halen, he collaborated with singer David Lee Roth and later with Sammy Hagar, creating some of the most iconic rock songs of all time. Even though he’s gone, Eddie’s influence on the music world is still felt today.

Eddie Van Halen died on October 6, 2020 at the age of 65, after a long battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife and son Wolfgang Van Halen. Van Halen was a part of the band for almost 40 years. He joined when he was 17, and his first gig with the band was a bar mitzvah in Pasadena, California. Van Halen was the son of two musicians, and he began playing guitar at age 11. Music was in his blood, and he quickly learned the instrument.

Valerie Bertinelli , Eddie’s former wife, said that he was a musical genius. He could hear something once and play it back perfectly. He also played drums and sang with the band. When Van Halen first joined the band, they were known as Mammoth. After a few months of playing together, the band changed their name to Van Halen. The band soon became famous for their live shows and electric guitar solos. They toured with famous bands like Queen and KISS. The band recorded their first album in 1978. Songs on the album included “Runnin’ with the Devil” and “Ain’t Talkin’ ’bout Love.” The song “Eruption” is considered to be one of the best guitar solos ever recorded. We do miss Eddie now that he is no longer here, he will be dearly missed but never forgotten.